Maybe we should stop asking ourselves why real food is so expensive and ask why processed is so cheap.

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Once the bird reaches full maturity they are processed on site in our purpose built facility,chilled and hug dressed and packed on the way to you our customer weather its restaurants,butchers,hotels,or private customers the quality is the same.

We believe at Laughton's poultry for the true taste and quality of poultry they should be produced entirely the way nature intended them, slow growing and free,And of course completely drug free.
We pride ourselves on the care and attention we give our bird's,,,

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 Welcome to Laughton's Poultry

  The Home Of Kentish Ranger free range Oven Ready Poultry

 The Kentish Ranger brand now supports: Free Range  Chickens,Ducks, At Christmas Turkeys and Geese,

When the day old poultry arrive they are put in heated brooders until feathered,the chicks are then opened up so they can have full access to our fields and orchards from dusk till dawn where there is an abundance of insects, grubs and grasses. they are Enclosed at night to keep them warm and away from foxes,

We think this is the way they should be raised and with the feed back we received from our customers its the way our customer prefer , Not to mention we have happy poultry too.

Waterham Farm,  Faversham , Kent , ME13 9EQ

Thank you for supporting your local produce ...

Our beautiful Kentish Ranger Chickens

Our Granddaughter loves the chickens

Our lovely ducks just did not want to go out